Monday, November 22, 2010

Radio Radio

I'm sending packs of recent Prairie Fire & Dub Ditch Picnic releases to CITR in Vancouver and CKUT in Montreal.

Start pestering DJs to play yr. faves now.




p.s. The No UFO's tape is ready for you to buy......

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dub Ditch Picnic Mix #7 Winter is Here

You kids are lucky duckies this week... 2 mixes posted almost back 2 back.

This one comes from Mark Wohlgemuth.

Mark performs as Kram Ran as well as 1/2 of Alpha Couple w/ his lovely partner Kristel Jax.

These guys also run a great little gallery called Freud's Bath House & Diner. They've been super supportive of weird music in Winnipeg and we LOVE them for it.

Here's Mark's 1st snow day mix

Poured Out On Snow - An Early Winter Mix

1. Wixel - "Briksdal" (Norway/2009)
2. Tujiko Noriko - "Endless End" (Shojo Toshi/2001)
3. Nuno Canavarro - "Untitled" (track 5) (Plux Quba/1988)
4. Black to Comm - "Musik Fur Alle" (Alphabet 1968/2009)
5. Elizabeth Anka Vajagic - "Around Here" (Stand with the Stillness of this Day/2004)
6. XXL - "Last in the Society" (øSpicchiology?/2007)
7. Richard A. Ingram - "De Montford" (Consolamentum/2010)
8. Labradford - "G" (Mi Media Naranja/1997)
9. Max Richter - "A Sudden Manhattan of the Mind" (24 Postcards in Full Colour/2008)
10. Luciano Cilio - "Primo Quadro 'Della Conoscenza'" (Dell' Universo Assente/1977)
11. Library Tapes - "Feeling for Something Lost (Part 2)" (Feelings For Something Lost/2006)
12. Belong - "I Never Lose. Really Really" (October Language/2006)
13. Sparklehorse + Fennesz - "Goodnight Sweetheart" (In The Fishtank 15/2009)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dub Ditch Mix #6 Dance Yr. Pants Off

New Mix - It's all over the place - For good times and bad times.

Get Into It

Robert Fripp - Under Heavy Manners (God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners)
Chrome - Firebomb (Third From The Sun)
High Places - On Giving Up (vs. Mankind)
The Ex - Constitutional State (Singles. Period.)
The Lift Boys - Anarchy Village (Anarchy Village / Anarchy Way)
Pre Fix - Underneathica (Underneathica 7'')
Mi Ami - Version (Echononecho)
Tampax - UFO Dictator (Hitler SS/Tampax E.P. 7")
Matrix Metals - L.A. Vampires Beat 6 (L.A. Vampires Instumentals)
WolfCow - Medium Varney (Wolfcesticide)
The Missing Brazilians - Savanna Prance (Warzone)
Matrix Metals - L.A. Vampires Beat 8 (L.A. Vampires Instumentals)
WALSH - Westworld (Smoke Weed About It) 1
Shriekback - Lined Up (Care)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Release Page Updates

2 new releases being geared up.

1. No UFO's - Mind Control c25. The follow up to the brilliant Soft Coast cassette.

2. Krautheim - Madchen auf der Rennbahn c39. Krautheim = 21st Century Krautrock.

Go to the Releases page to check art and samples.

Some other stuff in the works too... Auntie Dada/Preanderthals 2x Cass and what promises to be a WILD dub jam compilation by Fletcher Pratt.