Friday, August 24, 2012

A Year of Haircuts and Beet Sandwiches

You like free things?

Well, we like to give free things.

We're just in the process of making a Ed. of 200 CDR collection of the stuff we've released from Sept. 2011 through Sept. 2012.

We're giving all of them away.. 

13 tracks... including: Shearing Pinx, Velvet Chrome, Un, Fletcher Pratt, Cosmic Dead, Blunderspublik, Wolfskull and a ton more.

It'll basically be given to radio and record stores that still exist... but if you want a copy you can grab it right here.

 A Year of Haircuts and Beet Sandwiches

Share it will yr. pals.  They'll think you're the most out there spaceman ever.