Thursday, December 26, 2013

We're on hold right now.

On Nov. 8 the above happened.  It smashed my car up and me with it too. I've just been released from hospital after 6 weeks and have a lot of rehabilitation ahead.

Since September we have released 10 new tapes.  Info on these has been minimal as we were just about to do an announcement when the accident happened.

For now out Tictail space has been suspended until we can get things up and running again.

You can visit our Bandcamp page where everything is streaming and you can really help us out (we've had no income here for 2 months and going) by grabbing some stuff digitally or email us at dubditchpicnic(at) gmail. com if you want to get your hands on the tapes themselves... we'll make sure you get sorted. 

Here are the newest releases:

Dub Ditch Picnic

Crabskull- Keep the Evil Away
Crabskull- Phlegm Bomb Trick$
Snailpoison- Live in the Hatnhime Caves
Hafner - Gentleman's Hang Club
Krautheim- Die Tauschende Optik

Babysitter//JLK - Live 
Highway X - See Thru Into
Kindest Cuts - Kindest Cuts

Prairie Fire Tapes

Greenhouse - Cold Wires
Solar Coffin - Cold Furnace
Kvik- Hiss Pulses & Grit
Marcus Rubio - Rooms

We're busting our ass to get back on track.

Your support during this time is greatly appreciated.

Keep checking back as we let you know what we're up to.