New Canadiana :: No UFO’s – Mind Control
No UFO’s
Mind Control
(Dub Ditch Picnic)
Vancouver, BC

From Ohrian dance of Aaron Levin: No UFO’s gestating modular reflections continue to mount the impressive fortress of ambient perfection. Radiating from the disturbing lair of Winnipeg’s Dub Ditch Picnic, their latest magnetic phenomenon is a heavy slug of new age perturbations. Phased distortions of aberrant horns cruise into arpeggiated abandon, parting synthetic waters for a new cult of electron. Side two digs deeper into the sub-90s consciousness, grinding our sensors with a heady cut-up of Fingers-esque clurb bangers. Totally and unequivocally rad.

No UFO’s - ‘Mind Control’ [Review]

23 Mar 11 - Cassette, Review
A weird and wonderful C25, ‘Mind Control’ by No UFO’s is a novel hybrid: part white label, part noise-drone washout, and part DJ sampler. Something of a mysterious character, constituent Mr. Jandavs plays with leftish deep grooves ala Mouse on Mars and Ui, broadcasting debris and VCR detritus ala James Ferraro, minimalist industrial abstractions ala the reawakened Phaserprone crew… and that’s the A side. A 13 minute collage of broken flows but fantastic contrast, the collection is a fine example of the emergent trend where sound is curated first, remixed second (Daniel Lopatin’s alter egos are another important instance). In wild opposition, side B is a drone composition of vintage flavor and mass appeal, signaling Klaus Schulze and Growing with a few simple strokes and stunning restraint. Structured wow and flutter. In sum, a post- all-digital-everything collection which insists on good taste through the burdens of total-access short attention. Limited to 125 copies on highlighter yellow tapes and cards. Recommended.


I honestly can't recommend the Krautheim - Madchen auf der Rennbahn c39 enough. It sounds like Buffalo Bill kidnapped a krautrock band and forced them to jam in his basement. ON PERPETUAL LOOP.

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