Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just recieved a package from Give Up/Horders. Dark dark dark folk/ambient metal - sooo good.
I have copies of the tape and CD on sale in the store. Both are $8 ppd (each) in North America.
If you want one before I get the buttons up on the site email and I'll get you set up.
Samples?? Horders

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dub Ditch Mix #3 - Late Nite Weirdo Noise Sike

I got invited to do a DJ set at the Nuit Blanche celebrations Sept. 25th in Winnipeg. It was held at Freud's Bath House & Diner under the name "Cvlt Nłgh‡ I: Prłsm Break".

THIS is the mix I threw together. (If you have good ears, you'll catch that I swiped the intro from Greg Davis' great G.D. Mix).
  • Intro (Bill Graham/The Grateful Dead)
  • J. Biebz - Usmileambient (edit)
  • Boredoms - (Arrow Up)
  • Cruise Family - Forever A-side (edit)
  • Jim Collins - Jesus
  • Happy Dragon Band- 3D Free-electronic
  • Soft Circle - Stones and Trees
  • Fushitsusha - Magic II
  • Construction - Fade Out
  • QOTSA - 18 A.D.
  • Chrome - Firebomb
  • Les Rallizes Denudes - Night Of Assassins

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Flaming Lips

We here at Dub Ditch HQ love The Flaming Lips. It's been that way since ummmm 1987? Maybe even earlier.

Saw the boys play at a small theater in Winnipeg last night and they didn't hold back at all. Total spectacle - total party.

I've had a mixed version of Zaireeka around the offices for a bunch of years now and thought I'd share it and the Soft Bulletin Companion in honor of a great show.


Soft Bulletin Companion

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

F.P. Tranquilizer Happenings

Bill's been busy. When not making rock with the Angry Dragons and MicroDot he still finds time to keep Tranquilizin'.

Here's a submission to the Death In June site. Link

And here's a new 'video'.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dub Ditch Mix #2 - F.P. Tranquilizer

The second mix in this series comes from F.P. Tranquilizer a.k.a. Bill Northcott.

Here's some press on the latest F.P. Tranquilizer tape from Fast Forward Weekly

Winnipeg weirdo label Dub Ditch Picnic mailed me a copy of FP Tranquilizer’s Summer Tape, and I’m stoked to pay the favour forward. From the mind of sole member Bill Northcott comes twisted, Ween-style pop songs dipping into glam rock, basement electronics and lo-fi disco. Songs include “I Want to Chop Off Your Head,” “I Wish You Were an Icicle” and organ-drenched opener “Crispy Big Ones,” which could be a chart-topper in an alternate dimension.

Bill and I used to host the Faktory together... we may do more radio in the future.. until then I'll keep posting Bill mixes.

You can Download HERE & find Bill HERE

Dub Ditch Mix #2
  • BLACK LIPS - leroy faster (Bad Kids 7")
  • DER BLUTHARSCH - untitled (split 7" w/ Novy Svet)
  • THE RATS - kids are kids (Intermittent Signals LP)
  • SALADE DE FRUITS - salade de fruits (Salade De Fruits cassette)
  • LUBRICATED GOAT - play dead (Sub Pop 7")
  • AIN SOPH - gulag mon amour (Oktober 3")
  • THE NECESSARY EVILS - buzzsaw pt. 1 (Buzzsaw 7")
  • THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - andromeda suite '98 (The Pre-Millenial Single)
  • DEATH IN JUNE - peaceful snow (7")
  • SIGILLUM S - trascendence of desire signals (Boudoir Philosophy)
  • TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - a memory is better than nothing (A Memory Is Better Than Nothing)
  • NIKKI SUDDEN - channel steamer (7")
  • SEX PISTOLS - submission (The Mini Album)
  • FOSSILS - the golden door (The Golden Door 7")
  • ANBB - one (Met Marut Handshake)
  • ANDI SEX GANG - les amants d'un jour (Blind!)
  • EMERALDS - candy shoppe (7")

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wild Animal Kingdom Pre-Orders

Heads up!

Just scored a couple copies of the following tapes from Wild Animal Kingdom- they should be here in a week or so. Email if you want to hold a copy

Guided By Guided By Voices Cassette WAK017
Invisible Hand - Non-Absorbing
Chromium Bitch - Tractor Rape Chain
No Demons Here - Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks
Martin Courtney IV - Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down -
Andrew Cedermark - A Good Flying Bird
Air Waves - Back To The Lake
Big Troubles - A Big Fan of the Pigpen
Alex Bleeker and Evan Brody - Motor Away
Eternal Summers - A Salty Salute
Pill Wonder - My Valuable Hunting Knife
Hallelujah The Hills - Chicken Blows
FZ - I Am A Scientist
Harpoon Forever - Awful Bliss
Citymouth and Chromium Bitch - They're Not Witches
Fluffy Lumbers - Club Molluska
Dana Jewell - 14 Cheerleader Coldfront

60 Watt Kid - We Come From The Bright Side Cassette WAK011
We Come From The Bright Side
I Can
Golden Travels
Take The Pain Away
Waking Up And Finding
Everything's Going To Be OK
I Want To Be Your Friend
Microchip For Dinner
Italian Waves

Brasil Could Be Your Life Cassette WAK009
Casino - Samba Dada
Verano - La Fenetre
Holger - Brand New T-Shirt
Superbug - Summerly Yours
Nancy - Inbox Drama
Supercordas - e o Sol Brillhou Sobre o Verde
Lulina - Subtexto
Bearhug - A Storm, A Night Out
Homiepie - Snow Underwater
Os Gambitos - Dancefloor

Sunday, September 12, 2010

100% Unknown Fibers & The Laguna Beach X-Mas Happening 1970

This is a criminally unknown private press psych LP. I don't know how/where I obtained this stuff, but it is AMAZING!!!! I might do a small run of this as a DDP Christmas gift CDR, but in the meantime, you can grab it now.

If you want to read more, Patrick Lundborg offers an great account of the record and the festival here. There's a bunch of photos there too... just like the ones above.

The George School - Journey of Persephone

**** I poached all of this ('cept the Music) from the WFMU 365 Days Project Blog


The George School is a Quaker boarding school for ninth through twelfth grade students in Newtown, Pennsylvania... Though the plot as depicted in the liner notes seems relatively innocent - a loose contemporary adaptation of a Greek myth - closer inspection of the lyrics reveals some post-Summer of Love almost-drug-references, like this example (from "High Road"):

Have you seen the man from the moon?
He lives around the corner
Have you seen
He splashed down last June
I remember when he came back home
I looked into his eyes, you should have seen those rolling stones

Or this, from "Bright-Eyed One":

If you wanna see the universe
Discover what is real
Then step aboard my sunshine-mobile
Praise the Queen
Praise the Queen
She makes the grass green

...and so on. Then Director of Theatre Arts and lyricist/composer Robert F. Mandel is the culprit. Though it didn't seem like any of the current faculty had heard of the play (not surprising, given the number of musicals that have most likely been performed there since), a few persistent e-mails to the George School resulted in the two archived photos of the production seen below. The girl in the flannel shirt is Persephone (played by Bonnie Kron), holding the "golden umbrella", though I have no idea what's going on around her. It looks like a bee is attacking from the left, but who are the people next to her? The drones? What's the sculpture in the middle (a honeycomb?), or the net above it? Do these same bees make the honey referred to in "Sweet Honey"? If you look closely behind the sculpture to the left, you can see a (left handed?) guitar neck sticking out. I assume the other photo is the Sun Queen; I especially like the Pennsylvania Dutch styled sun in the background. I wish musicals in my high school had a band as cool as the one on this album - "High Hoppers" finds these teens jamming like it's 1968 instead of 73, with some great bluesy lead guitar & manic drum soloing. "Sweet Honey" is a funk tribute to the country mouse's substance of choice, and the aforementioned "High Road" plows through weird stop/start time signatures in search of consciousness expansion.

The George School exists to this day: http://www.georgeschool.org/
Special thanks to Rebecca J. Wilkinson and Kingdon Swane for the performance photos.

- Jeremy Pisani, http://geocities.com/elefantplatte/

Auntie Dada

Auntie Dada is the other half of the psychedelic shit-fi free music coin that includes Art Muscle (see the releases page for their No Emulsion tape).

Tavis and Mathew keep cranking out the drug hits here with their 1st 'video'. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Just added the Nu Sensae - Live in Portland cass and White Dog CDR on Wintage.

Keep yr. eyes here for some hot weirdo psych releases on InYrDisk and a cassette and CDR by Horders/Give Up

In the meantime - fix yr. eyes on what I saw at Grumpy's a few weekends ago.