Thursday, April 8, 2010



After a few months since launching Prairie Fire Tapes, Cole and I have decided to branch of the main label to indulge some of our musical passions without muddying the waters of PFT. Cole will be the main force at STASIS HNW, while I will be making the jamz here at DDP.

I have a few irons in the fire - first being a resurrection of some soundz from Let's Get Dusted -one of the most amazing Winnipeg bands I have every heard - as well as continuing to release more stuff from T. Walker's no-fi, no wave, scuzz unit Art Muscle.

The demo policy here is very simple - you send it, I'll listen. If I like it - we'll make something happen. If you want to send something send some love here.

More soon.

Criz April 2010

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  1. Cool as shit.

    We ( stopped making tapes a couple years ago after we ran out of blanks and were sick of people complaining that they didn't have tapedecks anymore, so now we give everything away for free on the Internet (mostly Winnipeg stuff), but I fully support what you guys are doing.

    Hope this works out.