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DDP 1971.025  Cosmic Dead - The Exalted King c75 
Ed. of 100
This Scottish psych hoard unfurl two side-long monstrous jams, setting the controls for heart of some darkened, dead planet. This is not a white hot, big bang skronk fest, however. This is the fallout after the bang, the slow mixing of elements in mercurial pools thick with murk, black waves slowly breaking and hissing upon jagged, newly formed igneous rock. Tumbling bass lines boil over simmering drums, while fuzzed guitars and synths roil and toil in great green clouds storming across the atmosphere. A far, far cry from self-indulgent guitar workouts or resin-stained one-riff snoozefests, The Cosmic Dead take you through the peaks and valleys of their world with great skill and restraint. But be advised, things get pretty hot once you get pulled in by the gravity of this band. 
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The Exalted King (Preview) by The Cosmic Dead Anatta [23.02.12] by The Cosmic Dead
DDP 1971.024 JLK//Babysitter c30 Ed. of 75
This cassette brings together Montreal artist Jane Kasowicz (Velvet Chrome) and Victoria's Babysitter. Culled from merely a few days of jamming, the sounds within are at once loose and spellbinding. The aptly titled "Buddies" starts things off with an almost delta blues guitar raga while Jane howls like voodoo priestess luring wayward townsfolk to her fireside ritual. The 10+ minute "Wanderings" turns the identifiable structures and chords of the previous tracks on their heads: Droning guitars, stuttering drums, murky electronics and multi-layered, delay-soaked vocals swirl into a thick, swampy audio gumbo.
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DDP 1971.023 Fletcher Pratt - Dub Sessions Vol. 2 c30         Ed. of 75

 Winnipeg's mad scientist of hallucinatory visuals and hot-wired electronics returns with his second volume in his Dub Sessions series. And what a workout this one is. The aptly titled "Huge Dub" begins with a classic Dre keyboard lead and a stuttering hi-hat straight outta present-day dirty south rap while a spacey dub progression floats in the background. It sounds like Pratt's replaced his bong water with Purple Drank and stayed up all night re-imagining and re-working dub and southern fried rap. The results are seamless. Volume 2 touches on the all the trademark touchstones of dub, trippy reverb and delay and trance-inducing basslines, and combines them with thick, heavy synths, before chopping-and-screwing the whole mess and throwing in some big booty bass for good measure. Yet Pratt also shows some restraint and almost cinematic sensibilities — the true mark of master. Mellow enough for late-night drift-off sessions and heavy enough for beat addicts, Pratt knows when you've had just enough herb and makes you get off that beanbag chair and hit the dance floor.
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DDP 1971.022 Wolfskull - Stink Void c90  Ed. of 100
This is some heavy, heavy shit. Not heavy in stacks-of-amps, doom sort of way — though you will feel doomed while listening to this best-of collection. New Zealand's Wolfskull are heavy in the sense that if you heard this oozing out of your cousin's basement bedroom you'd immediately hold an intervention. Muttered vocals, wandering guitar lines and plenty of bad vibes, Wolfskull are audio equivalent to that small town that you just keep driving through, even though you're already running fumes. This is what they do. This is what they sound like. This anthology culls together the band's best tracks, chosen by Wolfskull (and Root Don Lonie for Cash) member Clayton Noone is a harrowing listen that evokes strange forest rituals and small-town inhabitants gone mad from the heat.
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DDP 1971.021 Un- Begun c27 Ed. of 100
We're in love. We can't stop spinning this, cranking the volume and spilling PBR all over our desks. Un is Montreal duo Kara Keith and Jen Reimer, and they cut through the swath of lo-fi, bedroom synth pop with six expertly crafted pop songs. Yes, we said it: POP. But fear not, "Begun" is still plenty dark and moody for all you dark and moody folks out there. Big, juicy synth basslines are the vertebrae to these songs, while highly contagious keyboard hooks, tight drumming and breathy female vocals dig their nails into your back and don't let go. Did we mention hooks? Because there are some doozies on this EP. "Wicked Child" will be stuck in your head for days, and "Lover the Pheonix" may as well be a lost track from the soundtrack for that movie about that guy that drives around all the time and wears that nifty jacket. With the odds stacked in their favour, Un deserve to be the next big thing. Snatch up this EP now while you can still claim bragging rights about knowing Un before they got huge.

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  UN - Begun by dubditchpicnic 

DDP 1971. 020 Shearing Pinx - Storm Majorities & Magnetic Tremors c90 Ed. of 100
Compiled from 7"s, splits and compilations released since the band's inception in 2007, this anthology serves as an introduction to the breadth, depth and sheer velocity of Vancouver's Shearing Pinx. White-hot cymbals sizzle and shimmer atop a smoldering garbage heap of buzzsaw guitars, molten bass lines, neanderthal kick-drum abuse and frantic vocals. Yet amidst the chaos lurk actual songs: guitar skree sculpted into impossible hooks, deranged, intersecting melodies and low-end thrum all aimed at total dance floor annihilation. At once unrestrained and tightly wound, Storm Majorities...  illustrates a band with uncomprimising vision, a band positively possessed by their instruments who destroy the lines between no-wave, punk and noise in once fell swoop.

  Shearing Pinx by dubditchpicnic 

DDP 1971.019 V/A - Tired and Emotional c60 ed. of 100

Perhaps an audio document of what scorching tropical heat and prolonged periods of rainfall can do to the (perhaps, tweaked) artistic mind, Tired and Emotional provides a glimpse into the strange world of the New Zealand underground. From gauzy indie-rock and female-fronted noise-punk to damaged folk, primitive psych-noise and bizarre field recordings amidst meandering acoustic folk, this tape covers a lot of strange, strange ground. In fact, chances are you have never heard anything quite like this. Take the last 30 years of underground music and leave it on the dashboard of your step Dad's Ford Colt during a heatwave, then try to play that gooey mess in your little sister's toy boom box while you're freaking out on shitty drugs and you might be getting close to what's going on here. But probably not. Do you pride yourself on how "weird" and "eclectic" your musical tastes are? This tape is guaranteed to make the last thing you downloaded off a blog on your lunch break sound like whoever is performing on Letterman tonight.

  Tired & Emotional (A Collection of Underground New Zealand) by dubditchpicnic

1971.016-18 DJ Kinetik – Cosmik Freakout Vols. 1-3 c50 Ed. of 50
I was killing time on Winter break and came across Volume 1 of this series on soundcloud.  I instantly started searching out Kinetik coz I thought this mix (and at that time I had no idea there was more than one) would make a perfect mixtape. These awesome mixes of lite psych, rare funk, reggae, and breakbeats instantly reminded me of Diplo's Chasing the Dragon and AEIOU.  Three volumes of some of the weirdest & wildest muzak that has a natural home on Dub Ditch Picnic.

Kinetik VOL 1-3 SAMPLE.mp3 by dubditchpicnic


1971.015 Shaker Hymns – S/T c20 Ed. of 100
Shaker Hymns is a six-piece kraut/psych/mutated disco band. Keith Odell plays guitar, Amy MacDonald plays guitar and sings/screams, Gabriel Jasmin plays bass, Frank Ouellette adds squeals of sax, electronics and vocals, and Jesse Locke and Jessica Faulds battle it out on the drums. Songs 1-4 were recorded by Dorian Scheidt at La Brique, and song five was recorded live at the Torn Curtain.
1971.014  Velvet Chrome – Anthology c50 Ed. of 125
Met up with Hobo Cult/Cube Frank Ouellette & his lovely partner J.L.K. last spring when they breezed through Winnipeg.  I’ve wanted to work with Frank for a while but didn’t want to release Hobo Cubes stuff coz everyone releases H.C. stuff. Instead, we dug into the weirder archives and struck gold with the sounds of Velvet Chrome.
Culled from a collection of CDR releases and personally selected by Frank and Jane these tracks run from lo-fi cave stomps, Neu-worship, to flat out No Wave jams complete with Jane shouting/singing in Esperanto perhaps? This one’s a true mind turner… I still haven't recovered.

1971.013 Tim Hoover – More Napkins c60 Ed. of 150
For those who have been with DDP over the last year, you’ll know this is something very new and different for us… 
Tim Hoover has dropped the "Co-op" nickname and released a forward-thinking collection of music that straddles the line between DJ mix and instrumental album. Drawing samples and inspiration from a handful of both well-known and obscure tracks, Hoover composed 60 minutes of original music divided into 5 movements that sit together as a cohesive piece. Samples and melodies are introduced and referenced later in the piece, as the tempo, colour and even time signature shifts from track to track. Drawing inspiration from the slow building violin melodies of groups like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, as well as the frenetic chopped drums of Prefuse 73, More Napkins is the perfect "headphone album," rewarding the listener with new surprises on each listen.
Co-released with Woven Records.
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1971.011/012 Auntie Dada / Preanderthals split 2xc30 Ed. of 50
The pairing of Winnipeg’s Auntie Dada & Toronto’s Preanderthals is the PERFECT East-West Connection!! A.D. bring the nodding plodding No Wave semi restrained free jazz attack while the Preanderthals let loose with all kindsa free hardcore (not Harry Pussy – think Unholy Swill – fuck yeah) if that’s anything… maybe now it is. 

Done up as two tapes – coz one shell couldn’t hold in this nonsense!!

Art/Design by Seripop
1971.010 Microdot - Lamps Not Amps c30  Ed. of 30
Super raw lo-fi love of The Clean and The Chills from the barren Canadian Prairies. 
Microdot hail from Winnipeg and feat. DDP hero F.P. Tranquilizer/Bill Northcott.
It's new wavey garage power pop that gets the kids all excited and stupid.
Do you really need to know more?
Listen here.

1971.009 xNoBBQx - Live @ Louie's c30  Ed. of 50
I knew I wanted to work with these dudes from the very moment I heard them. 
Complete Australian sonic anarachy... I hestitate to call this free music coz it's so jarring and violent.
Pinched from a live set at Louie's in Sydney Nick Dan (percussion) & Matt Earle (guitar) make a biiiiig thuda thuda caveman noise of massive feeeeedbackin' guitarded proportions.
 More to the point, they make a big fucking racket that is call to arms - to rise up and destroy all mediocrity. If it ain't that then it's an open invitation to live free and smash shit.
This will alter you.
Initial run of 50..
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1971.008 Fletcher Pratt - Dub Sessions Vol. 1 c40  Ed. of 45
Fletcher Pratt does a lot in Winnipeg - Musician: Sigmund & KkrakK, Label Owner: Midori Records, & Builder: Midori Electonics. One day I stumbled upon some of Fletch's slow dub jam experiments on Soundspacecloud and offered him 40 minutes of space to jam out as hard and weird as he wanted. 
You've heard of Mutant hear Mutant Dub
Expect more.
1 run of 45 w/ download code 
  1971.007  Krautheim - Madchen auf der Rennbahn c39 Ed. of 100
When I was in my late teens I stumbled upon a triple LP compilation on Brain Records called Kraut Rock.  At this point in my life I knew little of the post-psychedelic German scene outside of a couple of Ash Ra Temple records and Can’s brilliant Future Days LP.  This monster changed my life and began what’s become a two decade long love affair with all sounds from that era whether you want to call it krautrock, kosmische, experimental psychedelic etc. 
As Dub Ditch grew from it’s noisy parent Prairie Fire, we knew we wanted to find and showcase some of the best sounds from this still fertile scene.  So with eyes set to the Fatherland, we quickly zeroed in of the Teutonic rock of Krautheim, a mind meltingly solid collective roaring out of Stuttgart Germany.  Krautheim are make music that is certainly rooted in the 21st Century, but there is no mistaking where they have come from.  The tracks on Madchen auf der Rennbahn   are their own, but elements of past greatness of Pink Floyd, Faust, Cluster, and Guru Guru are most certainly there.
Here’s what the boys have to say about themselves.
Krautheim is Commune. They behave mostly polygonal. Don Ciumbargo recently described them as malicious, "Solanaceae" when he visited them in the studio. Nevertheless, he assured that Krautheim became one of the most important representatives of contemporary Krautrock. Krautheim is a guarantee of psychedelic music, which generates itself by itself. Harmonious atmosphere will be transformed into sound. They started being a 'Klangforschungs-Studie' with various musicians from Stuttgart in fall 2008. The Milberg Studios offered the perfect surroundings for an independent free form musical expression. Since 2009, Krautheim decided to leave the studio to perform live on stage as a result of the sessions' substantial fruits. The audience dives into unique soundscapes and is taken to an unpredictable journey. This is, what makes Krautheim Live-Sets and every single studio session so precious. It's a certainty that it'll be a gain in experience of experimental and psychedelic bliss.
We at Dub Ditch Picnic are very excited to release these sounds for you.  We hope they take you on the same trip they took us on. 
1971.006  No UFO's - Mind Control c25 Ed. of 125
Earlier this year K. Jandavs sent me the raw form of what would eventually become his Soft Coast cassette (Nice Up Int’l 001).  I was completely floored by his amazing cut and paste technique of sewing together elements of Kraut Rock, Techno, and Post Punk Kosmiche Musik.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who figured out the key to the dude’s godhead sounds - the internets and tape buyers went apeshit and bought up the entire run in a microsecond.
We here at Dub Ditch Picnic are EXTREMELY lucky and proud to be able to release the next in what is looking to be a grand string of No UFO’s releases.  This one continues in relatively the same cut-up kosmik vein, but with more focus and (at times) an even more chill vibe that what was unleashed on Soft Coast. 
These are the sounds that make you fall in love with music again.

1971.005  Outer Spacist - Tape c30 Ed. of 75 If you love blown out American Rock ‘n’ Roll that pogos between punk rock and psych – you’ll instantly know how excited I am to be able to present the latest sonic emanation from Ohio’s Outer Spacist. Presented as one uninterrupted program, “Tape” slams 10 tracks into nearly 30 unrelenting minutes of outerspace sonic destruction. This release builds on their self titled 7” on Columbus Discount records from last year to show a band growing in skill and mythos. It’s a beautiful trip you won’t want to miss. *** For much of the run the program repeats on the b-side for a continuous trip. On a select number of copies the b-side is blank so you can record your own space voyage – kinda like the Choose Your Own Adventure books I read in the 80s. Ed. of 75 w/ Download code   Outer Spacist sample by dubditchpicnic

1971.001 The Incinerators - The 90s Wuz Awesome c30  Ed. of 35 Historical Document. In the late 90s Winnipeg was all about HxCx and Oi/Ska - I'm not sure it's changed that much. The Incinerators began as F-Troop and went through a number of name and stylistic changes over their brief time on the scene. From raging 1977 punk rock through the heroin dirges of Cheater Slicks and swampy stomp of the Scientists - they played a bunch of shows and had a ton of fun re-creating an awesome onstage train wreck audiences generally ignored. They got bored - broke up - and then the town discovered they actually liked garage punk n roll. These tracks were recorded during a party at their practice space and released minimally as the Incinerator Party Sessions on CDR - and then on cassette in 2000 by some German. The 90s wuz Awesome takes the tracks I consider to be the best representation of the band - no-fi retard recordings - includes the 15 minute Halo of Flies inspired freakout Father Fly.

1971.002 Art Muscle - No Emulsion c20  Ed. of 35 Tavis Walker and Mathew Bishop are Art Muscle. Guitar Drum free music. No wave/Art wave/shit wave scuzz-fi , Ass -fi whatever. It's slow and dirgey and trash trash trash. I love it .. more more more. A side has tracks left over from a Prairie Fire Tapes split released in Jan 2010 - b- side = Live Knife Fight - great stuff. Split cass with the Preanderthals coming in the future.

1971.003  F.P. Tranquilizer vs. The Incinerators present the IPS Mega Turd Dub Cassette c30 Ed. of 16 A number of years ago, Incinerators drummer Bill Northcott (Angry Dragons, Microdot, F.P. Tranquillizer) wanted to listen to the old IPS tapes. When he put the tape in the 4 track all the remained was the bass and drum tracks. So for kicks he added some synth and drums and TONS of echo and the IPS Mega Turd Dub Cassette was born. Very Fun - Very weird. Check out what happens when 3 genres collide badly.

1971.004  F.P. Tranquilizer - Summer Tape c30 Ed. of 50  Again - F.P. is Bill Northcott - you may know him from the million bands he's been in - or as the Nicest Guy in Winnipeg!! F.P. Tranquillizer is Bill's solo project - think what would have happened if Roland S. Howard fronted the Subway Sect and then collaborated with Chrome and Spizz. 30 minutes of wildly charming and odd fuzz pop-psych tracks - these songs are Amazing & I'm not saying it because I'm releasing it - BRILLIANT!!! "Winnipeg weirdo label Dub Ditch Picnic mailed me a copy of FP Tranquilizer’s Summer Tape, and I’m stoked to pay the favour forward. From the mind of sole member Bill Northcott comes twisted, Ween-style pop songs dipping into glam rock, basement electronics and lo-fi disco. Songs include “I Want to Chop Off Your Head,” “I Wish You Were an Icicle” and organ-drenched opener “Crispy Big Ones,” which could be a chart-topper in an alternate dimension."

    01 Crispy Big Ones by CRIZWELL 
    05 I Wish You Were An Icicle by CRIZWELL