Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dub Ditch Mix #3 - Late Nite Weirdo Noise Sike

I got invited to do a DJ set at the Nuit Blanche celebrations Sept. 25th in Winnipeg. It was held at Freud's Bath House & Diner under the name "Cvlt Nłgh‡ I: Prłsm Break".

THIS is the mix I threw together. (If you have good ears, you'll catch that I swiped the intro from Greg Davis' great G.D. Mix).
  • Intro (Bill Graham/The Grateful Dead)
  • J. Biebz - Usmileambient (edit)
  • Boredoms - (Arrow Up)
  • Cruise Family - Forever A-side (edit)
  • Jim Collins - Jesus
  • Happy Dragon Band- 3D Free-electronic
  • Soft Circle - Stones and Trees
  • Fushitsusha - Magic II
  • Construction - Fade Out
  • QOTSA - 18 A.D.
  • Chrome - Firebomb
  • Les Rallizes Denudes - Night Of Assassins

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