Friday, September 11, 2015

We're back at it.

It's been a very very very long time since we've updated this site - sorry.

But we have been busy.  Below are a but a few of the tapes and CDs we've been making.

You can stream and buy them here or at Aquarius in SF or Experimedia - also lots and lots of titles are hanging out at Vacation in LA, Hanson Records in Ohio, and Norman Records in the UK.

Wanna be part of the club?  Get in touch at dubditchpicnic (at) gmail (dot) com

We've got a ton of stuff coming up  - keep an eye here and an ear on our bandcamp. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

We're on hold right now.

On Nov. 8 the above happened.  It smashed my car up and me with it too. I've just been released from hospital after 6 weeks and have a lot of rehabilitation ahead.

Since September we have released 10 new tapes.  Info on these has been minimal as we were just about to do an announcement when the accident happened.

For now out Tictail space has been suspended until we can get things up and running again.

You can visit our Bandcamp page where everything is streaming and you can really help us out (we've had no income here for 2 months and going) by grabbing some stuff digitally or email us at dubditchpicnic(at) gmail. com if you want to get your hands on the tapes themselves... we'll make sure you get sorted. 

Here are the newest releases:

Dub Ditch Picnic

Crabskull- Keep the Evil Away
Crabskull- Phlegm Bomb Trick$
Snailpoison- Live in the Hatnhime Caves
Hafner - Gentleman's Hang Club
Krautheim- Die Tauschende Optik

Babysitter//JLK - Live 
Highway X - See Thru Into
Kindest Cuts - Kindest Cuts

Prairie Fire Tapes

Greenhouse - Cold Wires
Solar Coffin - Cold Furnace
Kvik- Hiss Pulses & Grit
Marcus Rubio - Rooms

We're busting our ass to get back on track.

Your support during this time is greatly appreciated.

Keep checking back as we let you know what we're up to.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brand New Tapes

Hi Friends!!

Summer is over and we're back at it with a bang!  First up is California's Hafner and 3 new 90 min. tapes by Winnipeg's Crabskull.

Check it out..

Hafner - Gentleman's Hang Club c30 Ed. of 40

Crabskull - Keep The Evil Away c90 Ed. of 40

Crabskull - Phlegm Bomb Trick$ c90 Ed. of 40

Snailpoison - Live in the Hatnhimen Caves c90 Ed. of 40

Monday, June 17, 2013

4 New Tapes

Microdot - Middle Age Dating c30

Moon - s/t Dbl A-Side c50

Aaron Sheppard - Agent c40

Shooting Guns - Spectral Landromat c50

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

German Army & Aerosol Constellations

German Army - Holland Village c40  


German Army are one of 20JFG’s favourite bands in the world. Their releases describe mutant strains of a virus originally engineered in the laboratories of the COUM conspiracy, and released into the world as a sonic code for the mass metamorphosis of people into drones, the painful integration of flesh with metal and plastic, an account of the first stages in the evolution of a hegemonic species of insect. 

In Holland Village, the insinuations of beats in previous releases become a reality, the rumble of the viral machinery pumping copies of itself and massing them up in the cellular borders of invaded territories. If these armies had camps, and in their camps they burned fires, and around their fires they sang songs and danced dances, Abbasid Golden Age would be heard loud and terrible, the microscopic fractal of the Human League’s Being Boiled & other Electronic Body (emphasis on Body) anthems, a battle hymn for armies with that have no mouths, yet do scream. 


Aerosol Constellations - Within the Beyond c27

Psychedelic drones from Vancouver duo consisting of J.V. Dub (Shearing Pinx) and Bill Batt (Stamina Mantis).  2 tracks of proper burner jamz. This is the kind of stuff we live for here at PF HQ.
Only 40 copies so don't sleep on this.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Been neglecting this space.. here's some News

We've been busy busy busy here at DDP HQ.  We have new tapes, new stock in the store, a mixtape series, AND radio is back on the radar.

First up, We have the German Army cassette that will be released in early April.

You can stream it here

Next is our Mixtape series.  We have 7 volumes set so far - 
these can be located here 

And Last, but not least, DDP radio is happening again.  Still no words to interrupt the muzak - but we'll get on that asap so you can hear all the ums and uhs in all their glory.

Hour 1

  • Venom P. Stinger - Full Circle
  • Boredoms - U-Bus
  • Leisure Birds - SETI Signals
  • U-Men - Dig It a Hole
  • Head of David - Snuff Rider MC
  • Sabbath Assembly - Christ You Bring the End
  • Dead C - Empire
  • Sun Araw/Congos - Sunshine
  • Gabriel Soloman - 1
  • X-T.G. - Emerge to Space Jazz
  • Claps - Higher Building
  • German Sheppards - Communist Control
  • L.A.S.'s Crime - Infect Dawn
  • Silent Servant - Disaster (End)
  • Saturnalia Temple - Black Magic Metal
  • Throbbing Gristle - Subhuman
  • Hype Williams - Farthingwood Dub
  • Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Submariner's Song
  • Hollydrug Couple - Willowed
  • Grateful Dead - Darkstar

We're gonna get better and posting junk... come hang with us more often.