Friday, September 17, 2010

Dub Ditch Mix #2 - F.P. Tranquilizer

The second mix in this series comes from F.P. Tranquilizer a.k.a. Bill Northcott.

Here's some press on the latest F.P. Tranquilizer tape from Fast Forward Weekly

Winnipeg weirdo label Dub Ditch Picnic mailed me a copy of FP Tranquilizer’s Summer Tape, and I’m stoked to pay the favour forward. From the mind of sole member Bill Northcott comes twisted, Ween-style pop songs dipping into glam rock, basement electronics and lo-fi disco. Songs include “I Want to Chop Off Your Head,” “I Wish You Were an Icicle” and organ-drenched opener “Crispy Big Ones,” which could be a chart-topper in an alternate dimension.

Bill and I used to host the Faktory together... we may do more radio in the future.. until then I'll keep posting Bill mixes.

You can Download HERE & find Bill HERE

Dub Ditch Mix #2
  • BLACK LIPS - leroy faster (Bad Kids 7")
  • DER BLUTHARSCH - untitled (split 7" w/ Novy Svet)
  • THE RATS - kids are kids (Intermittent Signals LP)
  • SALADE DE FRUITS - salade de fruits (Salade De Fruits cassette)
  • LUBRICATED GOAT - play dead (Sub Pop 7")
  • AIN SOPH - gulag mon amour (Oktober 3")
  • THE NECESSARY EVILS - buzzsaw pt. 1 (Buzzsaw 7")
  • THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - andromeda suite '98 (The Pre-Millenial Single)
  • DEATH IN JUNE - peaceful snow (7")
  • SIGILLUM S - trascendence of desire signals (Boudoir Philosophy)
  • TELEVISION PERSONALITIES - a memory is better than nothing (A Memory Is Better Than Nothing)
  • NIKKI SUDDEN - channel steamer (7")
  • SEX PISTOLS - submission (The Mini Album)
  • FOSSILS - the golden door (The Golden Door 7")
  • ANBB - one (Met Marut Handshake)
  • ANDI SEX GANG - les amants d'un jour (Blind!)
  • EMERALDS - candy shoppe (7")

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