Friday, March 22, 2013

Been neglecting this space.. here's some News

We've been busy busy busy here at DDP HQ.  We have new tapes, new stock in the store, a mixtape series, AND radio is back on the radar.

First up, We have the German Army cassette that will be released in early April.

You can stream it here

Next is our Mixtape series.  We have 7 volumes set so far - 
these can be located here 

And Last, but not least, DDP radio is happening again.  Still no words to interrupt the muzak - but we'll get on that asap so you can hear all the ums and uhs in all their glory.

Hour 1

  • Venom P. Stinger - Full Circle
  • Boredoms - U-Bus
  • Leisure Birds - SETI Signals
  • U-Men - Dig It a Hole
  • Head of David - Snuff Rider MC
  • Sabbath Assembly - Christ You Bring the End
  • Dead C - Empire
  • Sun Araw/Congos - Sunshine
  • Gabriel Soloman - 1
  • X-T.G. - Emerge to Space Jazz
  • Claps - Higher Building
  • German Sheppards - Communist Control
  • L.A.S.'s Crime - Infect Dawn
  • Silent Servant - Disaster (End)
  • Saturnalia Temple - Black Magic Metal
  • Throbbing Gristle - Subhuman
  • Hype Williams - Farthingwood Dub
  • Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Submariner's Song
  • Hollydrug Couple - Willowed
  • Grateful Dead - Darkstar

We're gonna get better and posting junk... come hang with us more often.

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