Monday, November 5, 2012

Samplers, Mixes, Oh Myyyyy

So earlier in the fall we released "A Year of Haircuts", a 1 hour - 13 track CDR sampler.  You can still snag a digital copy off of Bandcamp for FREE! 

Now, our friends at Woven have set up a 1 hour companion mix chock full of OOP DDP tracks.

Grab It.

Upcoming Tapes:

Microdot - Middle Age Dating
German Army
Powder Blue (Saskatoon smoked out psych)
(blouse)usa - Tammy's Beans cass

Still Loving

Wolfskull - Stink Void c90
Fletcher Pratt - Dub Sessions Vol. 2
JLK//Babysitter collab c30
Cosmic Dead - The Exalted King (Ltd. repress of 50 copies)
Blunderspublik - Barren Immensity c40
3 Leafs - Technical Death Metal Parking Lot c60
James McKeown - English Dream CDR/c40
Aura Level Fountain c60  

One customer emailed this note:
"Bought this batch mainly for the 3 Leafs release, which is excellent, but the Aura Level immediately went on the top ten of 2012 list

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