Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dub Ditch Mix #6 Dance Yr. Pants Off

New Mix - It's all over the place - For good times and bad times.

Get Into It

Robert Fripp - Under Heavy Manners (God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners)
Chrome - Firebomb (Third From The Sun)
High Places - On Giving Up (vs. Mankind)
The Ex - Constitutional State (Singles. Period.)
The Lift Boys - Anarchy Village (Anarchy Village / Anarchy Way)
Pre Fix - Underneathica (Underneathica 7'')
Mi Ami - Version (Echononecho)
Tampax - UFO Dictator (Hitler SS/Tampax E.P. 7")
Matrix Metals - L.A. Vampires Beat 6 (L.A. Vampires Instumentals)
WolfCow - Medium Varney (Wolfcesticide)
The Missing Brazilians - Savanna Prance (Warzone)
Matrix Metals - L.A. Vampires Beat 8 (L.A. Vampires Instumentals)
WALSH - Westworld (Smoke Weed About It) 1
Shriekback - Lined Up (Care)

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